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Save time

The app enables you to easily create and update work instructions within seconds. See how easy and intuitive it is to ad a new task and have a clear oversight.

App and hard copy

Work instructions can be downloaded from Word and Excel and edited in the app. Choose to distribute the updated work instructions digitally (using the app), or on paper.

Safety first

Because safety is everything, the app offers multiple options for integrating safety measures in the work instructions. Send work instructions to your team noting them about safety hazards. 

Edit on work location

Increase the quality of the work instructions through workplace implementation. Create and update work instructions on location. Take photos and create drafts that can be edited back at the office.


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Create work instructions within seconds.

Add pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Connected to ERP

Upload instructions to SAP, Maximo etc.

Multiple instructions

Manage multiple instructions the same time.

Safety included

Add all safety measures.

Work Instruction App


Easily update text and pictures.

Activity plan

Sequence tasks with an activity plan.

Equipment, materials and labour

Define the required equipment, materials and labour.

Word & Excel

Import, edit and export Word or Excel files.

Free updates

Stay up-to-date with free app updates.




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SCREENGovernance information
SCREENSafety information
SCREENConditional information
SCREENTask information
SCREENSummary information
SCREENTask information
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